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The Process

For a new medication to be approved for general use, it needs to be studied rigorously at clinical research sites to ensure the drug’s safety and efficacy in patients.

Apply for a study

If you see a study that you feel you would be a good candidate for, please apply! If nothing seems like a good fit, fill out the application before to be notified in the future.

Participate at no cost

While treatment cannot always be guaranteed (placebos etc) you will receive any medications, diagnostic testings, and labs related to the study at no cost.

Consult with a physician

A board-certified physician will closely monitor your progress during the duration of the study without the need for insurance, co-pays, or gatekeeper approvals

Receive promised compensation

While not all studies include compensation or reimbursement for your time/travel, some do and we love rewarding our patients for their participation when we can!

View Current Studies

Current Studies

Here are the current studies that are currently enrolling new patients

Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Health
Moderate to Severe COPD
COPD Flare Ups

Get notified if you are a fit for any of our current or future studies!