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About Kalo Clinical Research

We are a clinical research site local to the greater Salt Lake area in Utah, providing people with the opportunity to contribute to the development/advancement of medicine that future generations will rely on. We do this work because we are dedicated to contributing to and improving the body of medical knowledge for tomorrow’s treatments.

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For new medication to be approved for general use, it needs to be studied rigorously at clinical research sites to ensure the drug’s safety and efficacy in patients. This is work that future generations will rely on.

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The quality, safe, and successful investigational trials we provide are done at no cost to the patient without any need for insurance approvals (and usually with financial reimbursement to the patient for their time and effort).​We focus on medicines specific to the more urgent needs of our underserved populations like diabetes, asthma and heart disease, as well as many other worthwhile indications.

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